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By Barbara A. Ambrose, Michael D. Purugganan

ISBN-10: 1118305884

ISBN-13: 9781118305881

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ISBN-13: 9781444330014

The Evolution of Plant shape is a phenomenal new quantity in Wiley-Blackwell’s hugely winning and good validated Annual Plant Reviews.

Written by means of recognized and revered researchers, this booklet supplies a entire consultant to the varied diversity of clinical views in land plant evolution, from morphological evolution to the reviews of the mechanisms of evolutionary swap and the instruments with which they are often studied. This name distinguishes itself from others in plant evolution via its synthesis of those rules, which then presents a framework for destiny stories and intriguing new advancements in this

The first bankruptcy explores the origins of the main morphological ideas in land crops and the next chapters supply a thrilling, intensive research of the morphological evolution
of land plant teams together with bryophytes, lycophytes, ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms. the second one half the ebook makes a speciality of evolutionary reports in land crops together with genomics,
adaptation, improvement and phenotypic plasticity. the ultimate bankruptcy offers a precis and viewpoint for destiny experiences within the evolution of plant form.

The Evolution of Plant shape presents crucial details for plant scientists and evolutionary biologists. All libraries and examine institutions, the place organic and agricultural sciences are
studied and taught, will locate this significant paintings an important addition to their shelves.

Chapter 1 Phylogenetic Analyses and Morphological strategies in Land vegetation (pages 1–50): James A. Doyle
Chapter 2 The Evolution of physique shape in Bryophytes (pages 51–89): Bernard Goffinet and William R. Buck
Chapter three The Morphology and improvement of Lycophytes (pages 91–114): Barbara A. Ambrose
Chapter four Evolutionary Morphology of Ferns (Monilophytes) (pages 115–140): Harald Schneider
Chapter five Gymnosperms (pages 141–161): Dennis Wm. Stevenson
Chapter 6 picking out Key gains within the foundation and Early Diversification of Angiosperms (pages 163–188): Paula J. Rudall
Chapter 7 Genomics, variation, and the Evolution of Plant shape (pages 189–225): Kristen Shepard
Chapter eight Comparative Evolutionary Genomics of Land vegetation (pages 227–275): Amy Litt
Chapter nine improvement and the Evolution of Plant shape (pages 277–320): Barbara A. Ambrose and Cristina Ferrandiz
Chapter 10 improvement within the Wild: Phenotypic Plasticity (pages 321–355): Kathleen Donohue
Chapter eleven The Evolution of Plant shape: A precis point of view (pages 357–366): Michael Purugganan

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Platyspermic seeds occur not only in Callistophyton and coniferophytes (best seen in cordaites) but also in Permian and Mesozoic “seed ferns,” including peltasperms, corystosperms, glossopterids, and Caytonia. Rothwell and Serbet (1994) questioned the distinction between platyspermy and radiospermy, but it can be made fairly consistently if defined in terms of anatomy (Doyle 1996). The shift from radiospermic to platyspermic seeds marks a clade called platysperms, which may be equivalent to crown group seed plants, depending on the position of Callistophyton and cycads.

Rothwell suggested that the leaves of conifers might be derived not from fronds but from cataphylls, which were already essentially like conifer leaves, if the plant continued to produce cataphylls throughout its life, without ever shifting to fronds. This hypothesis explains the leaves of conifers better than the dichotomously veined leaves of cordaites and ginkgophytes, although it might be a smaller step to derive leaves of the latter sort from cataphylls than from large fronds. Origin of coniferophyte reproductive structures also involved a change from fertile fronds, like those of Callistophyton, which had microsporangia or ovules on the abaxial surface, to simple sporophylls.

Eames 1952; Doyle 1994). 26 The Evolution of Plant Form The details need further examination in light of developmental evidence that the male structures are more complex than previously assumed (Mundry & ¨ Stutzel 2004). 8 Origin of angiosperms and their innovations Phylogenetic analyses show a marked contrast between strong evidence on relationships within angiosperms and great uncertainty on their closest relatives. Early morphological analyses appeared to narrow the list of outgroups to Gnetales, Bennettitales, and Pentoxylon, but some linked the resulting anthophyte clade with corystosperms, glossopterids, and Caytonia (Crane 1985; Doyle & Donoghue 1986), while others nested the clade in coniferophytes (Nixon et al.

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