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Jellyfish are a type of cnidarian. These simple, yet amazing, animals can reproduce asexually or sexually. Jellyfish have more kinds of cells than sponges do. One Old Sponge Sponges may have been one of the earliest animals to develop on Earth. How do we know? The oldest producing oil field in the world (in Oman, east of Saudi Arabia) has chemicals that can be linked to sponges. These early sponges probably lived about 600 million years ago. 31 Complex Animals We know many examples of animals far more complex than sponges and cnidarians.

After many years, they might end up looking quite different from each other. The differences between the twins might be explained by epigenetics. This science looks at how an animal’s DNA is changed by its environment. ” In other words, where an animal grows up or lives might affect its genetic makeup. A specific gene could be “expressed,” or behave differently under different environmental conditions. 42 Even people who appear identical do not have identical genes. An animal’s DNA is a lot like a computer program.

In the Lab Like Peas in a Pod Dominant and recessive traits were discovered by Gregor Mendel in the 1800s. Mendel studied pea pods. He noted how the color of flowers and pea pods passed from parent to offspring. 35 A Test You Can’t Fail If you have ever watched talk shows, soap operas, or crime dramas, you have seen people use DNA tests to identify a person or tell if two people are related. Doctors first used DNA tests in the 1980s. DNA testing is another name for genetic testing. Today genetic testing can do far more than tell if two people are related.

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