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"Lanoo" is a Sanskrit observe for pupil, a seeker of fact. according to the tale of Dzyan that is principal to Madame Blavatsky's "Secret Doctrine", this ebook teaches approximately our origins and our future. It includes 19 stanzas and tells of the adventure of the Pilgrim-soul in a sequence of lives within the our bodies of 7 Races of guy.

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Te/ ] toward which all turn. KO-TEL. K"O [ ] is twenty-six. And truly the Shekhinah is its tel, as it says (Songs 5:11), His edges are curly [taltal ], The Zobar and Its Commentators 13 black as a raven, as the rabbis have said,56 on every jot (of the Torah) are ringlets [ talei talim] of laws. The numerical value of the letter kaf (2) is twenty, and that of the letter vav ( ) is six. This number is also the numerical coefficient of the name YHVH, the most ineffable name of God, symbolic of the sefirah Tiferet.

All of Ibn Tabul's commentaries are suffused with the Lurianic spirit, including the doctrines of zimzum, shevirah, tiqqun, and parzufim. 160 Some confusion in the reception and transcription by Luria's students was inevitable. Luria had a number of secondary and tertiaiy pupils, including Yehudah Mishan, Moshe Yonah, Samuel de Podila, Yisrael Nag'ara, Yizhak Arazin, Natan Neta' Shapira, Ephraim Panzeiri,161 Binyamin ha-Levi,162and Elisha Gavastalla. Their comments and random homilies weave in and out of the canon.

Cordovero drew upon the great mass of diverse ideas expounded in Safed, organizing and presenting them with talmudic didacticism. 77 In these drushim, Cordovero compared ideas, combined and harmonized as many as possible, and argued for the irrelevance of minority opinions. This style of sifting and combining accumulated teachings is characteristic of Pardes Rimmonim (Orchard of Pomegranates), Cordovero's most popular and most widely distributed work, which he composed at the age of twenty-seven.

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