Blandine Calais-Germain's Anatomy of Movement PDF

By Blandine Calais-Germain

ISBN-10: 0939616572

ISBN-13: 9780939616572

I'm a Polarity pupil so this e-book used to be a an excellent addition to my library. The illustrations are tremendous, very distinct and transparent. The publication arrived in ideal and in a well timed demeanour.

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I'm a Polarity scholar so this booklet used to be a an outstanding addition to my library. The illustrations are exceptional, very distinct and transparent. The e-book arrived in ideal and in a well timed demeanour.

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However, The vertebral column is attached to other skeletal X-rays could reveal iden- structures: the base of the tical lumbar curvatures, cranium, the ribs, and the as shown in these two illustrations. pelvis (ilium). THE 36 TRUNK Vertebral structure Each vertebra consists of two main parts: the massive body (anterior), and the vertebral arch (posterior). This page shows a typical vertebra. Depending on its position in the spine, its shape and size will vary (see also p. 54-71). The vertebral arch can be divided into many parts.

There are four transverse ridges, which represent intervertebral discs. The superior surface of S 1 , called the base of the sacrum, articulates with L5. The inferior surface of S5, which articulates with the coccyx, is called the apex of the sacrum. At the ends of each ridge are paired anterior sacral foramina (corresponding to intervertebral foramina), through which the anterior branches of the sacral nerves pass. COCCYX The convex posterior surface is much rougher. The posterior sacral foramina are continuous with the anterior foramina; posterior branches of the sacral nerves exit here.

Of the articular processes are round and flat. The articular facets are oriented postero-superolaterally on the superior articular processes, and anteroinferomedially on the inferior processes. This arrangement permits flexion, extension, and sidebending. These facets are located approximately on the circumference of a circle whose center would be the center of the vertebral body. This facilitates rotation. THORACIC SPINE 59 The laminae are flat, rectangular, and taller than they are wide. They are stacked on and overlap each other like tiles on a roof.

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