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By Harald Motzki

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The reviews accrued during this quantity convey that via cautious research of the texts and the chains of transmission, the background of Muslim traditions will be reconstructed with a excessive measure of chance and their historicity assessed afresh.

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He decided (qaḍā): “If a man (ayyumā rajulin) marries a woman during her waiting period and consummates the marriage with her (aṣābahā), both must be separated (yufarraqu baynahumā); then, both are forbidden to marry another again (yajtamiʿāni); she must complete (tastakmilu) what remains (bāqiyyata) of the waiting period [of the marriage with] the first [husband] and then turn (tastaqbilu) to her waiting period of [the marriage with] the second one. ” He said [moreover]: “ʿAbd al-Malik had both of them flogged 84 Sh: lam yankaḥ hā.

79 The facts that such contradictions are an exception and that the majority of the Zuhrī dicta expressing his raʾy correspond in content corroborate my conclusion that all three source corpora contain genuine traditions of Zuhrī’s raʾy. It is very unlikely that the three compilators – one living in Ṣanʿāʾ, another in Mecca and the third in Medina – independently of one another can have ascribed arbitrarily so many simi- Mālik, Muwaṭtạ ʾ, 29:46. Lacking in the manuscript probably due to an transmission error.

41 This corresponds to the results we obtained when analysing Ibn Jurayj’s Zuhrī texts. In sharp contrast to his ʿAt ̣āʾ transmission, we found in the corpus of Zuhrī texts hardly any responsa to Ibn Jurayj’s questions or references to having heard Zuhrī (samāʿ). , during an illness]: ʿHow is it? ’ He [Ibn Shihāb] said: ʿUthmān decided about a wife of ʿAbd al-Raḥ mān [ibn ʿAwf], that she had to observe her waiting period and that she inherits from him. He let her inherit from him after she had concluded her waiting period.

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