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31 ascribe to Ezra the composition of the Books of Chronicles, and appeal in support of their view to the legend in the apocryphal Book of Esdras (2 Esd. xiv. ' It has been questioned whether Ezra and N ehemiah composed the whole of each of the two books which go under their names. I t has been contended that the Book of Ezra is a compilation, only parts of which, such as the last four chapters, come from the pen of Ezra himself. Much stress has been laid on the interchange of the first and second personal pronouns in the second part of the book, from the seventh chapter to the end.

His account of the period which it covers contradicts in almost every important point what we are told by Nehemiah. C. 485-465), and declares that the walls of the city were finished in the month Chisleu, in the twenty-eighth year of Xerxes, after two years and four months of building; and he transfers San ball at and Tobiah to the age of Alexander the Great, adding that Sanballat's daughter married the son, not of Joiada (Neh. xiii. 28), but of Jonathan, the father of J addua. There is little doubt that he has been misled 1 There is philological evidence, however, that the first Book of was originally written in Hebrew, as indeed is expressly stated by St.

II , 22). C. 336-331). the last king of Persia. He is called • D arius the Persian,' as if the Persian Empire had ceased to exist when the passage was written. It is therefore evident that the book in its present form does not come entirely from the hand of Nehemiah. ~~ fiI:it seven cbapters contain a continuous narrative, written, as is allowed by all critics, by Nehemiah himself. ), the style and language of. l t~at of the ~tlie book. Those who wish to see the evidence for this may refer to the Speak,rs co",~ f'YtLnta,J', where the principal points of difference are given in detail.

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