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Forrester 7. Herman Hollerith 8. Ada Lovelace 9. John von Neumann 10. Thomas J. Watson, Sr. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. First punched card tabulating machines Magnetic core memory Mathematics of true/false variables First computer programmer Founded IBM Stored program concept ABC Harvard Mark I ENIAC Analytical Engine The Evolution o f Computers 43 Fill-in-the-Blanks Fill in the blanks in each of the following: 1. The slide rule was made extinct by the ___ . 2. Many important nineteenth-century computing developments were inspired by the success of in the Jacquard loom.

A series of court decisions at this time dra­ matically changed the industry. IBM was told tha it had to make its computer software (the pro­ grams, programming systems, and related docu- The Evolution o f Computers ments) available for a price to anyone who wanted it. This created an intensely competitive environ­ ment, friendly to the development of companies building IBM-compatible hardware (the com­ puter and its equipment). These companies, called the PCMs (for plug compatible mainframers), were able to build hardware to compete with the IBM systems and obtain IBM software for use by PCM clients.

Jacquard's loom. Notice the punched-card at­ tachment on top. Figure 2-6 Figure 2- 7 loom. IE 26 Introduction During the nineteeth century many of the im­ portant developments in computing machines, which are still in evidence in today's computers, were inspired by the success of the punched-card control in the Jacquard loom. Babbage's Analytical Engine I am thinking that all these tables might be calculated by machinery. Charles Babbage Charles Babbage (Figure 2 - 8 ) was born in En­ gland in 1 79 1 .

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