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By Norman J. G. Pounds

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All ages has its personal geography, separate and specified from the geographies of previous and succeeding a long time, this 1973 publication seeks to ascertain the advanced of normal and man-made beneficial properties that have supplied the historical past of background, influencing its path and themselves changed through human motion. Professor kilos examines 5 brief sessions, every one of which isn't in basic terms rather good documented, but in addition very important within the climax of a civilisation. In a feeling, each one represents the climax of an extended interval of old improvement. the purpose is to survey the full of Europe for every of the selected sessions, now not simply these parts that have been highlighted through files and occasions. Northern Europe within the age of Pericles and japanese Europe in all sessions are, for instance, tested, along the better-known Mediterranean area, France and the Rhineland. significant use is made from maps, all especially ready for this publication.

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The presentation follows the admirable example set by Cipriano Piccolpasso (ca. ”28 Although the subject matter spans more than a millennium of history, most attention in this book is devoted to the early modern period, 1500 to 1800. All chapters draw material from those years, which have been more thoroughly investigated by students of porcelain than have earlier centuries. Furthermore, a study of the cultural influence of Chinese porcelain in world history necessarily highlights developments in early modern times.

An artisan copied a coat of arms from a bookplate sent as a model for a set of armorial porcelains by enclosing it in a neat rectangular border, precisely as it appeared on the handy bookplate. A tureen in a Swedish service had an odd grayish cloud painted next to the coat of arms, evidently the result of a water stain on the sketch during the voyage to Canton. Armorial porcelains cost ten times as much as standard tableware. A complete service sent to England in the early eighteenth century, counting shipping and payment of customs duty, came to £100 (or roughly $17,200 in today’s terms).

Manufacturers specialized in certain items, such as storage jars and fishbowls, wine cups and lanterns. Some kilns produced replicas of porcelains from the Song; others copied bronze vessels from the Shang period or jade cups from the Han. At the end of the Ming, two kilns produced only imitations of ancient pieces. Some concentrated on large “dragon jars,” painted with motifs of dragons surrounded by clouds, pearls, lotus petals, and flowers of Paradise. one kiln specialized in dishes for Japan, where fishnets were an auspicious symbol, bearing delicate designs of a blue net tied with a bow.

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