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When atoms come together, they give rise to molecules that enable very different physical characteristics to emerge. A pen, your hand, and water are all the result of different combinations of similar atoms. Sometimes an atom is added to a molecule, with the result that ordinary drinking water can become a poison. One atom added to or removed from a molecule can turn something inedible into something edible, or turn a harsh and unpleasant smell into the glorious perfume of a rose. Depending upon how the same atoms bond to each other, a molecule’s color can change or a fluid can turn into a solid.

No leaf falls without His knowing it. There is no seed in the darkness of the ground, and nothing moist or dry that is not in a Clear Book. (Surat al-An‘am, 59) 1. Bryson, A Short History, 264.

In other words, its amount never changes. The water we drink and use is always exactly the same water, because it evaporates and then returns as rain. Allah has revealed this in His verses: HARUN YAHYA Have you thought about the water that you drink? Is it you who sent it down from the clouds, or are We the Sender? (Surat al-Waqi‘ah, 68-69) If the water that Allah created in a ready state on Earth were to dry up and disappear, nothing could bring it back. If Allah willed to suspend the water cycle of evaporation, it would never rain again: All blessings come from Allah.

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