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By Farouk Mitha

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Al-Ghazali is arguably the most influential thinkers within the historical past of Islam, and his writings have acquired better scholarly awareness within the West than these of the other Muslim pupil. This research explores an incredible size of his proposal that has now not but been absolutely tested, specifically, his polemical engagement with the Ismailis of the Fatimid and early Alamut periods.Published in organization with The Institute of Ismaili stories.

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Al-Mustaúhirí, it is now time that we turn to the content, structure and style of this text. The historical review so far has hopefully conveyed a sense of the complexity of both the circumstances and ideas which alGhazålí had to grapple with when writing it. It is a complexity that is borne out most clearly in terms of the issues surrounding the relationship between the Abbasid caliph and the Saljuq sultan, between Shi™i and Sunni interpretations of Islam, and between the ™ulamå¢ and the body politic.

13 This revival, in addition to other factors, drew its meaning primarily in relation to the fact that the Saljuqs seized power from the Shi™i Buwayhids who, though antagonistic toward the Shi™i Ismaili Fatimids in Egypt and North Africa, were lumped together with the Fatimids as being part of a usurping force for Shi™i hegemony in the Muslim world. Thus the Saljuqs were now to reassert the ideals of Sunni Islam over and against the rising tide of Shi™ism. This reassertion expressed itself in a variety of ways, of which the most conspicuous manifestation was the cultivation of a class of Sunni ™ulamå¢.

On the political front, al-Ghazålí was now confronted with the challenge of justifying the body politic of his time on premises that had to counteract the absolutist claims of the Ismailis. Al-Ghazålí had to put forward a defence of the Sunni order built on a vocabulary of ideals and not merely on realpolitik considerations as had been the tenor of previous siyåsa shar ™iyya texts. The Sunni caliph’s claim to Ecology of the Kitåb al-Mustaúhirí 27 authority and power, apart from being burdened with disentangling his position from that of the Saljuq sultan, had to, in addition, be measured against the claims of the Ismaili Imam.

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