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Studies on schistosomiasis epidemiology and scientific beneficial properties in Africa and Brazil, and improvement of novel medicinal drugs that have an effect on the computer virus tegument, and vaccine in line with excretory-secretory items and kind 2 cytokines.

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Khaled Fazel Stefan Kaiser electronic Microwave structures German Aerospace heart (DLR) Bosch Telecom GmbH Institute for Communications know-how D-71522 Backnang, Germany D-82234 Wessling, Germany during this final decade of this millennium the means of multi-carrier transmission for instant broadband multimedia purposes has been receiving extensive pursuits.

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Since gluon exchange between valence quarks contributes to the p - b.. mass splitting, it follows that the gluon distributions cannot be solely accounted for by gluon bremsstrahlung from individual quarks, the process responsible for DGLAP evolutions of the structure functions . Similarly, in the case of heavy quarks, ss, ee, bb, the diagrams in which the sea quarks are multiply connected to the valence quarks are intrinsic to the proton structure itself [6]. The x distribution of intrinsic heavy quarks is peaked at large x reflecting the fact that higher Fock state wavefunctions containing heavy quarks are maximal when the off-shellness of the fluctuation is minimized.

Features of Hard Exclusive Processes in QeD Exclusive and diffractive reactions are highly challenging to analyze in QCD since they require knowledge of the hadron wavefunctions at the amplitude level. There has been much progress analyzing exclusive and diffractive reactions at large momentum transfer from first principles in QCD. Rigorous statements can be made on the basis of asymptotic freedom and factorization theorems which separate the underlying hard quark and gluon subprocess amplitude from the nonperturbative physics incorporated into the Q) [160], the process-independent hadron distribution amplitudes valence light-cone wavefunctions integrated over kl < Q2.

Hard exclusive and diffractive reactions are shown to be sensitive to hadron distribution amplitudes, the valence Fock state hadronic wavefuctions at small impact separation. Semi-exclusive reactions are shown to provide new flavor-dependent probes of distribution amplituds and new types of deep inelastic currents. "Selfresolving" diffractive processes and Coulomb dissociation are discussed as a direct measure of the light-cone wavefunctions of hadrons. Alternatively, one can use Coulomb dissociation to resolve nuclei in terms of their nucleonic and mesonic degrees of freedom.

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