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By C. Shelby

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Addiction argues that dependancy will be understood no longer as a ailment yet as a phenomenon that needs to be understood on many degrees instantly. utilizing a posh dynamic platforms technique and philosophical technique, Shelby explains dependancy as an irreducible neurobiological, mental, developmental, environmental, and sociological phenomenon.

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14 This explanation does not do as much work as the motivation salience sensitivity approach does, however, because most habits are not experienced in terms of “triggers” that seem to drive people into behaviors. While entering the freeway might, if I’m not paying attention, result in my arriving at my university rather than at the dentist’s office, just the mere sight of the freeway does not set off a perseveration with respect to the university. Habits can generally be recognized and broken with a 40 Addiction facility that seems contrary to the compulsivity that many believe to be characteristic of addiction.

Life is another, much more complex instance of self-maintenance, emerging from nonliving processes. Organisms are constantly engaged in processes of organizing. They incessantly generate new “appropriately structured and appropriately fitted molecular structures,” employing energy and materials from the outside to fuel their internal processes. ”50 And not only do Some Philosophical Questions (and a New Theory) 31 individual organisms reverse entropy by maintaining themselves but they also reproduce themselves by replicating both the patterns that constitute them and the materials subserving those patterns.

Why care about metaphysics? As unlikely as it might seem to someone who doesn’t normally think in philosophical terms, the ontology that one adopts turns out to be relevant to thinking about addiction. One reason that might be cited in favor of accepting process ontology, as we have said, is that understanding both humans and their addictions as processes, rather than as things, emphasizes their temporal nature. Humans are not in general addicted throughout their lives. Babies, if born addicted, are treated in their earliest days so that they are not addicted in the years to come (although having experienced the pattern could be a factor strengthening the probability that they will experience addiction again).

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Addiction: A Philosophical Perspective by C. Shelby

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