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By A. Rendle Short and C. I. Ham (Auth.)

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Symptoms appear when oxygen pressure falls below 13 to 15 per cent, varying with individuals. Probably due to lack of oxygen, though diminution of COa has been suggested as the cause (Mosso). —(a) Urgent dyspnoea ; (b) Muscular prostration ; (c) Nausea and vomiting. These symptoms are more marked after muscular exertion. At greater heights, there is inability to move or speak ; then loss of consciousness, and death. May be imitated in laboratory by reducing oxygen breathed, or in carbon monoxide poisoning.

C. c. may drain off in a day. — INCREASED by : (i) Excess of COa or lack of oxygen in the blood ; (2) Anaesthetics ; (3) Injection of extracts of choroid plexus or brain tissue ; (4) Injection of pituitary extract. ] 29 CHAPTER III. THE HEART. —Shows three layers :— 1. — Consists of pavement endothelium resting on a fibrous membrane ; in some mammals Purkinje fibres are also present. 2. —Consists of oblong cells, faintly striated both longitudinally and transversely, often branching, and probably forming a syncytium, with nuclei at intervals.

Air which can be forcibly expelled. c. —Air which can be inspired after normal inspiration. c. —Amount of air breathed out on deepest possible expiration after taking deepest possible inspiration. c. in man, smaller in women. —Air left in lungs after most forcible expiration. c. Estimated by inhaling known volume of hydrogen, and analysing expired air. —When thorax is opened, lungs collapse, almost all air being driven o u t ; but as smaller bronchi collapse before alveoli are completely empty, a small amount of air—minimal air—is left.

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