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5," it P2 fall ground on ³,WIHOORQWKHJURXQG´ d. 5," they P2 fall+Ext. on 9-ground ³7KH\IHOO VHYHUDOO\ RQWKHJURXQG´ ,QWKHH[DPSOHVLQ E DQG G WKHYHUE³IDOO´LVLQIOHFWHGWRLQGLFDWHWKDWWKHHYHQWDFWLRQRI falling affected several subjects at the same time. More will be said about such inflections in chapter 6. In (a) and (c), I have doubled the vowel o in the verb in order to accommodate an extra boundary low tone in the citation form and the low tone of the following desyllabified QDVDO RQ ³JURXQG´ In all the examples, the preposition deletes because of the preceding vowel.

D. Ü-lÆ1 mk-l¯¶¯ "the act/manner of) tapping palm wine/palm wine tapping" from %Â1Ä$ ³WDSpalm ZLQH´ (iii) Personal nouns a. b. c. d. " ³VODXJKWHU´ The derived nominals presented in these examples in (8) pattern in two noun classes. The examples in (8) (i) and (ii) belong in class 9 while those in (iii) belong in class 1, the normal class for humans and names of different professions/trades. The formation of the plurals of the personal nouns in (iii) provides reason to think that the relation between the verb stem and the following noun is possessive and not objective.

7KH H[SUHVVLRQ ³SURQRXQ´ DV XVHG LQ WKLs chapter refers to those forms that are in themselves complete words and which can stand instead of a noun, or which may be used in apposition to a noun, either before it or after it. However, since in most cases, these same elements can co-occur with a noun within the noun phrase as determiners, the discussion will also include their roles as modifiers. These different classes of pronouns are presented in the sections that follow. 1. A bsolute pronouns The absolute pronoun is one whose main function is to stand for a noun in a clause.

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