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These types of designs tend to be very firewall centric and do not adequately take advantage of IDS and other security technologies to mitigate the risk of a single firewall vulnerability. Enterprise Options The design process is often a series of trade-offs. This short subsection of the document highlights some of the high-level options that a network designer could implement if faced with tighter budget constraints. Some of these trade-offs are done at the module level, while others are done at the component level.

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These queries run through the second firewall to the database server. Depending on the specific applications in use, the database server might need to communicate with back-end systems located in the server module of the enterprise. In summary, the firewalls must allow only three specific communication paths, each with its own protocol, and block all other communication unless it is the return path packets that are associated with the three original paths. The servers themselves must be fully protectedespecially the Web serverwhich is a publicly-addressable host.

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