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By Lauren Haney

ISBN-10: 006136505X

ISBN-13: 9780061365058

ISBN-10: 038081286X

ISBN-13: 9780380812868

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He had Menna’s full attention now. “Not to my knowledge, but it’s worthy of discussing with the harbormaster. ” He stood up, preparing to leave. “In fact, I’ll speak with him this morning, before I cross the river to western Waset. ” Bak watched him hurry away, suspecting that condescension lurked within that final bit of praise. At least Menna had been sufficiently impressed to follow a new course that might bear fruit. If only their roles were reversed. If only he, Bak, could investigate the tomb robberies and Menna look into the construction accidents.

Basking in the warmth of Amonked’s welcome, Bak dropped onto a low stool and studied the man he had come to see. He was rather plump and of medium height, and sat on a chair befitting his status as Storekeeper of Amon, with plenty of colorful pillows for comfort. He wore the simple calf-length kilt of a scribe and a minimum of colorful beaded jewelry. Unashamed of his thinning hair, he wore no wig. He had not changed, Bak was glad to see, since washing away the sand and sweat of Wawat to return to this easier, more comfortable life.

Menna flung a quick glance at Bak, obviously unhappy at having a witness to what amounted to a reprimand, and looked back at Amonked. “As you well know, sir, my men and I have thoroughly examined the cemeteries in western Waset. More than once. We’ve found nothing amiss. I’m beginning to think the tombs that have been robbed are elsewhere. ” Amonked scowled. ” Menna flushed. ” “That worthy king was entombed here, as were his successors. ” “If a princess, she may have wed a man who took her . ” Menna must have realized how useless it was to press against an immovable wall.

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