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In Indo-European and Indo-Europeans, pp. 159–60. 18 It has been argued that the traditional linguistic evidence in favor of the north European plain is sufficient to assume that the Kurgans migrated east at an early date. Goodenough, “The Evolution of Pastoralism and Indo-European Origins,” in Indo-European and IndoEuropeans, pp. 253–65. 19 A significant example is Colin Renfrew’s theory that reverses the direction of influence between the steppes and western Europe and sees the Indo-European culture spreading through the peaceful diffusion of agriculture rather than through conquest.

7 Of the early Scandinavian languages Old Icelandic is by far the most literary. D. 874 and early preserved a body of heroic literature unsurpassed among the Germanic peoples. Among the more important monuments are the Elder or Poetic Edda, a collection of poems that probably date from the tenth or eleventh century, the Younger or Prose Edda compiled by Snorri Sturluson (1178–1241), and about forty sagas, or prose epics, in which the lives and exploits of various traditional figures are related.

Until recently the Hittites have been known to us chiefly from references in the Old Testament. Abraham bought the burial place for Sarah from a Hittite (Gen. 23), and Bathsheba, whom David coveted, was the wife of Uriah the Hittite (2 Sam. 11). Their language was preserved only in a few uninterpreted documents. In 1907, however, an archaeological expedition uncovered the site of the Hittite capital in Asia Minor, at Boghazköi, about ninety miles east of Ankara, containing the royal archives of nearly 10,000 clay tablets.

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