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By Majid Fakhry

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The 1st entire survey of Islamic philosophy from the 7th century to the current, this vintage discusses Islamic proposal and its influence at the cultural points of Muslim existence. Fakhry indicates how Islamic philosophy has from the earliest instances a particular line of improvement, which supplies it the solidarity and continuity which are the marks of the good highbrow events of background. (Fall 2006)

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857), teacher of the great ijunain, who became the first outstanding Arabic translator of Greek works and the first head of the School of Baghdad (Bait al-l:likmah), founded in 830 by al-Ma'mnn. II The Translations of Philosophical Texts For a century or so following the conquest of the Near East, Arab rulers were occupied with the new problems of administering their far-flung empire and consolidating their military and political gains. The Umayyad caliphs (661-749) particularly were involved in the process of adjustment to this situation.

Most sources report that, although he was interested in medicine and produced translations in that field, he excelled primarily in philosophy. 2 7 The most important philosophical work Yabia is credited with translating is undoubtedly Plato's Timaeus. This work, according to al-Fihrist, consisted of three books (maqalat). , p. 396, and al-Qifti, Tankh, p. , pp. 396-<)7. 27 Ibn al-'IbrT, Mukhta~ar, p. q8; Ibn Juljul, Tabaqat, p. 67. 28 Al-Fihrist, p. 358; see also Mas'ndr, Al-Tanbrh wa'l-Ishraf, p.

355-56). 15 Al-Qift:I, Tar'fkh, p. no, and Sa'id, Tabaqat al-Umam, p. 49· See manuscript at University of St. Joseph, Beirut, No. 338. Cf. Kraus in Rivista degli Studi Orientali, XIV (1934), pp. 0. 16 Ibn ai-'Ibri, Mukhta~ar, pp. 135 f. , pp. 5. 18 Al-Fihrist, p. 354, cf. Dunlop, "The Translations of al-Bitriq and Yabia (Yobanna) b. al-Bitriq," in Journal of Royal Asiatic Society, 1959, pp. 140 f. THE LEGACY OF GREECE, ALEXANDRIA, AND THE ORIENT 7 Euclid and several other Greek works were also translated.

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