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This publication attracts at the hermeneutics of Hans-Georg Gadamer to notify a feminist point of view of social identities. Lauren Swayne Barthold strikes past solutions that both safeguard the target nature of identities or brush aside their value altogether. development at the paintings of either hermeneutic and non-hermeneutic feminist theorists of identification, she asserts the relevance of options like horizon, coherence, discussion, play, program, and pageant for constructing a idea of identification. This quantity argues that as intersubjective interpretations, social identities are very important methods of fostering which means and reference to others. Barthold additionally demonstrates how a hermeneutic method of social identities delivers evaluations of and resistance to identity-based oppression.

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Why or why not? In other words, she does not explain adequately whether, and indeed why, each of one’s visible identities should remain operative in every situation. Although I affirm her argument that identities are epistemically and politically viable, she has left unaddressed the question of how one is to evaluate the legitimacy of specific identities in specific contexts. It is precisely this sort of question about the normative nature of identities that is the work of the remainder of this book to address.

Furthermore, she appears to assume an integrity between the visibility of identities and their objectivity that forms a sufficient criterion for establishing the legitimacy of gender identities. For example, Alcoff explains that one’s racial and gender identity is fundamental to one’s social and familial interactions. It contributes to one’s perspective on events—to one’s interpretation of conversations, media reports, and social theories—and it determines in large part one’s status within the community and the way in which a great deal of what one says and does is interpreted by others.

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 41 directly, voices a parallel criticism of Alcoff’s identity theory when she accuses Alcoff of construing identity in a fixed and rigid manner that occludes an intersectional analysis of identity (see Alcoff 2009 for Alcoff’s reply to Chanter). The fluidity of horizons distinguishes a hermeneutic account of identity from feminist standpoint theory which has been criticized for offering too static and reified a notion of identity, one that ultimately affirms an incommensurability of identities.

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