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A until ‘until yesterday’ ‘until I fall asleep’ The postpositions mangasaha and mangasara must be handled with care, as their meaning changes according to whether an object follows or not: (67a) Ang asa-yan mangasaha/mangasara. ’ 9 cf. Dryer, Matthew. Word Order. 2010. Department of Linguistics, U at Buffalo. 2007. Web. 10 Aug. 2010. 4; 52. pdf> Constituent order typology (67b) 32 THIS IS STILL A DRAFT Ang asa-yan ya Hirapankay mangasaha/mangasara. ’ Using the dative case marker yam and the genitive case marker na instead of the locative case marker ya in 67b would have been possible as well.

Payne 91). 1 Noun and noun-phrase operations Compounding Ayeri has the ability of compounding to generate new words. Consider for example: (74) noun + noun: prihino ‘table’ + gumo ‘work’ → prihingumo ‘desk, workbench’ noun + adjective: kardang ‘school’ + iray ‘high’ → kardangiray ‘university’ verb + nominalizer: anl- ‘to bring’ + -maya ‘NMLZ’ → anlamaya ‘waiter’ verb + adposition: + agonan ‘outside’ → ilagonan ‘edition’ il- ‘to give’ Compound nouns may differ in meaning from their parts in that the meaning of the whole cannot necessarily be deduced from its parts: Consider for example baytandevo, which breaks down as ‘blood-head’ to mean ‘headache’, probably due to an earlier assumption that an internal injury of the head causes the pain.

2010. com/zbb> Epilogue, or why I did this THIS IS STILL A DRAFT 10 the Conlang Mailing List4 in the meantime, where I met people who actually knew things about linguistics, or even studied it. This encouraged me to start reading linguistic papers to educate myself a little more in this area. Not formally, but as a layman, and rather unsystematic, admittedly. Only reading papers is rather dry, however, so in order to try out ideas which seemed interesting, I used language construction as a playground: Ayeri was essentially born from this knowledge hunt.

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