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By Edsger W. Dijkstra

He starts off via contemplating the questions, «What is an algorithm?» and «What are we doing once we program?» those questions lead him to an enticing digression at the semantics of programming languages, which, in flip, ends up in essays on programming language constructs, scoping of variables, and array references. Dijkstra then gives you, as promised, a suite of lovely algorithms. those algorithms are some distance ranging, masking mathematical computations, several types of sorting difficulties, development matching, convex hulls, and extra. simply because this is often an previous booklet, the algorithms provided are often not the simplest to be had. despite the fact that, the price in examining A self-discipline of Programming is to soak up and comprehend the best way that Dijkstra thought of those difficulties, which, in many ways, is extra precious than one thousand algorithms.

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The first method we will describe is due to P. , they are non-zero idempotents which cannot be decomposed into a sum of two non-zero orthogonal idempotents) . Observe that ei(:V) has vector representation with a 1 in position i and O's elsewhere. It is easy to see that the only primitive idempotents in n are ei(:V)' 1 ~ i ~ t. Since 1 = (1,1, ... ,1), then gcd(f(:v), 1- ei(:V)) = hi(:v). Therefore, a complete factorization of f(:v) can be obtained if all of the primitive idempotents can be found.

5] P . , 17 (1983), 149-157. [6] P . CAMION, "Improving an algorithm for factoring polynomials over a finite field and constructing large irreducible polynomials", IEEE Trans. Info. , 29 (1983), 378-385. [7] D. CANTOR AND H. ZASSENHAUS, "A new algorithm for factoring polynomials over finite fields", Math . , 36 (1981), 587-592. [8] B. CHOR AND R . RIVEST, "A knapsack-type public key cryptosystem based on arithmetic in finite fields", IEEE Trans. Info . , 34 (1988), 901-909. [9] J. VON ZUR GATHEN, "Irreducibility of multivariate polynomials", J.

11) we can write g(z, y) = ~:=o gi(Z, y) , 36 CHAPTER 2. FACTORING POLYNOMIALS h(z, y) = 2::=0 hi(z, y). h, In-l g.. g... 12) where gk = hk = 0 for k < o. It can now be shown that g(z, y) and h(e, y) are uniquely determined by their highest degree parts gr and h,. -l In-2 - g.. - l h,-l g.. -2 g.. -ih, -k+i In = + h'_l h, + h'_2 h, gr -k h'_k + h, r where 1 ~ k ~ n. From these expressions and a suitable application of the Euclidean algorithm one can show (see below) that given g.. and h, then gi, hi are uniquely determined for all i and j.

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