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By by Susan Smythe Kung.

This dissertation is a entire description of the grammar of Huehuetla Tepehua (HT), that is a member of the Totonacan language family members. HT is spoken through fewer than 1500 humans in and round the city of Huehuetla, Hidalgo, within the jap Sierra Madre mountains of the crucial Gulf Coast quarter of Mexico. This grammar starts off with an advent to the language, its language kin, and its atmosphere, in addition to a  Read more...

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Plural marking is not obligatory, though human nouns tend to be marked for number, while nonhuman nouns tend not to be. HT nouns are completely unmarked for case. Certain nouns, including kinship terms, honorifics, and parts of a whole are obligatorily possessed. 23 In addition to verbs and nouns, HT also has a separate class of both adjectives and adverbs, some of which are full words, but others of which are particles. HT is interesting from a phonological perspective for at least two reasons.

Papantla Totonac Misantla Totonac Apapantilla Totonac Northern Totonac Zihuateutla Totonac Upper Necaxa Totonac Etc. The HT speakers, as a whole, are unaware that Tepehua is spoken in and around the towns of Pisaflores or Tlachichilco, Veracruz. Both of these communities are separated from Huehuetla by both distance and mountain ranges so that the three groups have no contact. However, there is a community— Mecapalapa, Puebla—where both HT and Totonac are spoken. Mecapalapa is down-river from Huehuetla, about a day’s walk away.

Therefore, I continue to use the practical orthography in this current work. Table 3 is a conversion chart showing the HT phonemes in the characters of my practical orthography followed by IPA characters in parentheses only where the two orthographic systems differ. 32 Table 3: HT Practical Orthography Stop Glottalized Stop Nasal Bilabial Alveolar p p’ t d t’ m n s Fricative Affricate lh () tz (ts) tz’ (ts’) Glottalized Affricate Liquid PalatoAlveolar Palatal Velar Uvular k g k’ q Glottal 7 () x () ch (t) ch’ (t’) l Trill & Flap Approximant Lateral rr (r) r () w y (j) j (h) The characters used in my practical orthography come from five different sources: the typewriter keyboard, the IPA, the Americanist phonetic system, modern Spanish, and 16th century grammars of indigenous Mexican languages.

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