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By George Mills Harper, Walter Kelly Hood (eds.)

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Are they fighting in Limerick? ' On 4 A Critical Edition of Yeats's A Vision (1925) Oct the Yeatses had 'been in Dublin for about 10 days' (unpub. ltr. toW. F. Stead). 26 Yeats was quoting from The Republic of Plato, ed J. L. Davies and D. J. Vaughan, new ed. London: Macmillan, 1885, p. 369. A gift copy still in Yeats's library, it is inscribed 'W. B. Yeats from Lionel Johnson. 1893'. 27 Cf. VA xx. 28 I have regularized punctuation and word order in the chronological headings. 29 See n. 2 above.

B. INdfn Pr-, Limited, B4inbut'g1t. A VISION This edition comistl of six hundred copie• numbered and signed. r' 1~ This i• No .. A .. :..... -WHAT THE CALIPH PARTLY LEARNED S Boox: I I . -THE GATEs OF PLUTO 219 vii DEDICATION TO VESTIGIA IT is a constant thought of mine that what we write is often a commendation of, or expostulation with the friends of our youth, and that even if we survive all our friends we continue to prolong or to amend conversations that took place before our five-and-twentieth year.

44 From a manuscript draft of the Dedication. Cf. VA xii. 45 The italicized passage was revised to read: 'been taken out & set in order'. 46 MS 13576, p. 275, National Library of Ireland. There is also a microfilm in the Yeats 7\rchives at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. 47 AS, 9 Feb 1919. 48Jerusalem, Plate 99, II. 2-3. 49 WWB, I, 401. A VISION Portrait of Giraldus from the Speculum Angelorum et Homenorum A VISION AN EXPLANATION OF LIFE FOUNDED UPON THE WRITINGS OF GIRALDUS AND UPON CERTAIN DOCTRINES ATI'RIBUTED TO KUSTA BEN LUKA By WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS LONDON PRIVATELY PaiNTED FOB S'OBSCIUBDB ONLY BY T.

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