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S, )". 1. may te nam How ? are you (rn'P. )? the position of "ry. p. ), they (f)". Substitute 1n I am fine. p. p. s. )? tga s:aht ? *. *. p. p. )"' 4. mam q Good night. P. nsat ylman . P. s. P. Goodbye. 1:ayhn: ik:m -5i- ,A Course 7, 8. ma,zy tgid in Snoken famazight Where ? s. ) from? s. ". p. p . )tt , aerab ay giy the posltion of ttyou I . (m. ) am an Arab. p. ), she, they (m. p. )" maklng the necessary changes. w€r I have two glrls and a 9. yu:l snat ntEir:atin dlc11 Eoy. s. ), she, you (f .

P. ) from? p. ) from? Where are they (m. ) from? Where are they (f. ) from? - tt)_ ) A Course in Snoken Tamazlsht zy zy zy zy ayt (y:as ayt hdid:u ayt mgil: ayt ihya v From the tribe From the tribe From the trlbe From the tribe From Egypt. From Morocco. From France. From America. I arn an Arab. 71r m9e? ,' I I amaci Ir | ^," err orl cri t/ g O tn oi Iam o*l ^r ho vvt ir am am am of of of of a Chrlstlan Ayt Ayaehe. Ayt Hdidou. Ayt l4gui1-d. Ayt Yahia. (nr-rropean a Moslem. a Berber. ). uv rl 'irlhere are you from?

T a masn ? s. ) to do he or it (m. ) .! s. za- Unlt I hmd to praise nhmd we Praise rt;i irb:1 God 1:afr tas :ar to God this hour (now) ta tF may tenid God +& lp How ? s. to undergo you (s. ) undergo enU tenl-d may ? what ? How is he? *"y iena) Note tl-y# + #t-/-> /-et-/ How j"s she? may tena ? P- )f may tenam ? P. )t may tenant ? How are theY (*. )t may cnan 2 How are theY (f. )? may enant ? Fine. ) labas tsnid lxir . Fine. P. ) labas tcnam lxir Fine. P') labas tenant rxir . ' *rr* How are you '(m's.

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